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Are you an active or passive investor?

There are several types of investors. The profile differs by a set of variables mainly:

1- The length of the investment

How many years do you plan to keep your real estate purchase?

The major types in this category are either agressive (flippers) or passive.

Flippers would like to flip a property within a year period of time and realize a profit.

Passive investors are ready to sleep on their real estate purchasers from two to ten years or more.


2- The ROI (return of investment) objective

Is a positive cash flow important? Or  building equity is more important?

ROI before taxes differes depending on the property type (Commercial or residential) and its location

Also the ROI level differs depending on the quality of the tenants, their history of payment and their willing

to stay and pay increasing rent in parallel to inflation rate.


3- The amount of investment and the degree of the investor involvement

The amount of investment and the degree of the investor involvement are important factors to be

determined that  affect  the expected ROI. If the investor has little knowledge about maintenance and

property management. Outsourcing would be a solution, Nevertheless, the profitabilty and therefore the

ROI will be lower. Knowledge and time are money. Learning curve could sometimes costly and long.

Our company offer the property management services with competitive rates that includes the following


-  Investigating the potential tenant background including;

   --> The financial source of income

   --> The payment history

- Negotiating the lease

- Collecting Rent

- Securing Maintenance

- Representing the landlord at the regie du logement or relevant courts

- Providing Periodic reports actual versus budget or forecasted financials and managerial objectives. 

4- Dealing with real estate investors: "Our Specialty with a proven track record"

Our continuous local presence in Montreal and surrounding area leveraged with our solid educational

background and international experience lead to create a successful blended formula to service several

real estate investors regardless of their investment profile for; 

-  A residential leased single condo or several condos;

-  A commercial shopping center

-  A commerical office and retail building

-  Residential and commercial development lands


Our  clients portfolios  include properties ranging from a single leased condo of 300,000$ to 

an investment real estate portfolio of more than 200 million dollars spread on several properties in

Montreal, Laval, Brossard, Sherbrooke, Trois rivieres and Quebec city.

Depending on your needs and objectives, we might be able to assist you.